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Presentor - AL

The Presentor Audio Level range of analogue panel meters complements the proven and popular Industrial and Fast Response series. The range is available in three sizes each in four styles and offers a performance not significantly different from full specification vu meters to meet today’s audio market requirement for quality at affordable prices.

Presentor AL - Specification

A low range ac voltmeter offering a performance close to that of a full specification vu meter. Suitable for connecting across a 600 ohm line and self contained except for requiring an external 3k6 resistor. Calibrated for use with a 3k6 ohm resistor 4vu above the scale marking so that the reference deflection (0vu) is produced by a signal 4vu above 1mW in 600ohms (1.228V).
The performance of the meter is based upon the requirements IEC 268-17.
The response curves below give a comparison of the full specification vu meter with that of typical AL19, AL29 and AL39 meters. A variation in over swing between 0 and 5% can occur since the damping is not individually adjusted on each AL meter but allowed to fall within normal process parameters.

AL v vu Graph

Pointer & Dials

The combination of tube pointer and flattened arc scale on translucent buff coloured dial results in an easily read meter, even when monitoring a row on a large console. A white dial can be specified if required. The standard scale is based on the vu ‘A’ scale but the ‘B’ scale is also available.

Zero Adjuster

Normally positioned on the front of surface mounted styles (M and B types) and on the rear of behind panel styles (W and WF types). Other options may be specified.

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +55°C


Comprehensive options are available.


6mm tabs are supplied as standard but threaded studs or flying leads are available



Ordering information

To order, simply refer to the SIFAM Meter user guide or contact the sales office.