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Presentor - Industrial

The Presentor range of analogue moving coil instruments is available in four sizes each in four styles. Its modern flexible styling and high quality modular construction meets today’s stringent design and economic requirements.
Complementing the range are the Audio Level Presentor and Fast Response Presentor, each also available four styles and three sizes. These two ranges offer performance close to full specification vu and PPM meters at affordable prices.

Standard Ranges


All SIFAM meters are normally designed and supplied to meet the requirements of current BS89, IEC 51, EN60 051 and ANSI C39.1 standards.

Pointers & Dials

Pointers and dial markings are generally in accordance with the BS3693 requirements. Other types of pointer and/or custom dial markings together with company logos, including colour printing can be provided to suit individual requirements. Centre or right-hand zero scales are available if required. Mirror dials can be supplied (except for type 19).

Zero Adjuster

The zero adjust is normally positioned on the front of surface mounted styles (M and B types) and on the rear of behind panel styles (W and WF types). Other options may be specified.

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +55°C


Comprehensive options are available:


6mm tabs are supplied as standard but threaded studs or flying leads are available.


19B 19M
19W 19WF
29B 29M
29W 29WF
39B 39M
39W 39WF
49B 49M
49W 49WF
R19B R19M
R19W R19WF
R29B R29M
R29W R29WF
R39B R39M
R39W R39WF
R49B R49M

Ordering information

To order, simply refer to the SIFAM Meter user guide or contact the sales office.